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Helium leak testing is used extensively in the power generation and chemical industries to locate leaks in even the most complex pressure and vacuum systems. The following are just a few examples of the most common uses:  


Steam Turbine and Condenser - Quickly locate even the smallest vacuum leaks on the low pressure side of any steam turbine. Helium testing is widely recognized as the superior alternative to the ultrasonic, smoke, and our favorite, the shaving cream method of vacuum leak testing steam turbine condensers.


Chemical and Plastics Production - Oxygen and other contaminants entering through leaks in flanges or broken welds can effect many manufacturing processes and result in lower quality and efficiency or totally unusable product. Leak testing of multi floor vacuum distillation towers, reactors and associated plumbing and pumps is easily accomplished utilizing helium leak testing.


Heat Exchangers - Leak testing large tubular heat exchangers can be expensive and time consuming. With the helium leak testing method thousands of tubes can be scanned in a short period of time when compared to some of the other methods of examination.  


Buried Pipelines and More - With helium leak testing we can locate leaks in underground pipes to within a few feet keeping excavation to a minimum. Due to the versatility of the helium leak testing method virtually any pressure or vacuum system can be be tested with a high degree of accuracy.

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